Create 3D Avatars for VR Chat!

Express yourself with styles that speak! Build stylish Full-Body 3D Avatars for VR Chat and explore hundreds of worlds together!

full body 3d avatar

Imagine. Create. Express.

Break boundaries of self-expression with avatars that speak YOU. Create 3D Avatars and bring your perfect identity to life!

your journey

Your journey into the Metaverse

starts here!

Full-Body Avatars

Easy Full-Body Avatar Creation

Complete Customisation

Endless Avatar Customisation Possibilities

Cross-Platform Avatars

Use your Avatar across Platforms

Social Media Ready Avatars

Create stunning Social Media Content in 3D

Optimised for AR

Ready to use Avatars for AR content creation

Motion Capture (Coming Soon!)

Avatars designed to groove with your moves!

Create your Perfect 3D Avatar!

Enjoy endless customisation on your 3D Avatar and build one just the way you’ve imagined it!

perfect 3d avatar

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